Building work comprises visitor facilities, administration functions and core maintenance, i.e.  Greenkeeping and Engineering. Like another famous Scottish landmark the ‘Forth Rail Bridge’ there is always work to do.


Recently I have been involved with the Local Authority and Carnoustie British Legion in the design and installation of a memorial to Carnoustie men who received the Victoria Cross during the Great War. This is located close to the exit from playing the Championship Course, and is visible to golfing visitors from abroad, tourists and locals alike, and was positioned here at the request of the British Legion.



“David provides us with an excellent architectural service. We have a varied estate, from our visitor facilities to the greenkeeper’s compound. And it is reassuring to pass on any issues, in the knowledge that they will be dealt with competently and timeously. David handles all our building projects, both new and maintenance.”


GRAEME DUNCAN, General Manager, Carnoustie Golf Links

Carnoustie Golf Club


Carnoustie Golf Club