Lemon Tree Nursery, Forfar.

My client asked me look at the conversion of an old Cadet hall on Castle Street, into a bright new Nursery for babies and pre-school children.


Care Commission.

Vicki Lemon had already approached the Local Authority Building Control Dept and the Care Commision to identify constraints and standards that would apply. This made my work reasonably straightforward, and the work was completed by a local builder, in time for opening in 2017.


Third Party Oversight.

It is quite common to have to comply with regulations established by third parties outwith normal Local Authority control. This maybe a Housing Association with their own set of space standards; Central Govt through the Police, NHS and other agencies; Insurers and Loss Adjusters; Private Landlord; Grant Funding Bodies, etc. And it can be critical to any commercial proposal to properly assess the impact of any such constraints, both on the premises in question and the overall Business Plan.


David Wren Architect Ltd has considerable experience in dealing with these issues to the satisfaction of clients.