David Wren Architect Ltd Practice Policies


Quality Management

Architectural Services are normally offered under the terms of ‘The Scottish Conditions of Appointment of an Architect’; exceptional services will be seperately documented. (other recognised UK forms can be adopted).


QM is based on BS EN ISO 9001, the ‘RIBA TOOLKIT’ and the ‘RIBA PROJECT QUALITY PLAN FOR SMALL PROJECTS’ and the ‘ARCHITECT’S JOB BOOK’; for specific cases, where these procedures are considered inappropriate, individually tailored programmes will be agreed with the client.


In all cases QM will:


  • Identify project requirements and record these in an appropriate manner, typically in the ‘SCA’ agreement.
  • Identify and procure required resources, including the services of other consultants.
  • Establish and maintain adequate records.
  • Review projects and procedures within an effective time frame for a particular client/project.

As a sole practitioner the responsibility for compliance with the above lies with the Director.



Health and Safety

H&S standards generally follow the ’RIBA CHARTERED PRACTICE H&S POLICY TEMPLATE’ interpreted in respect to a sole practitioner.

Cl 1.1-1.41

All H&S assessments recorded by the Director.


Site visits to be conducted using appropriate PPE.


Appropriate fire safety measures undertaken when working from office or home.


All H&S the responsibility of the Director.



Employment and Management

Employment  follows the standards set out in the ‘RIBA CODE OF CONDUCT’(inc CPD requirements), and the ‘RIBA EMPLOYMENT POLICY’, as appropriate to temporary and occasional staff.




Environmental Legislation is dealt with following the guidance set out in the RIBA’S ‘PREPARING AN ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY’ pages 1-4, and identifies as essential:


  • Review
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Design awareness
  • Appropriate to a single practitioner
  • Adequate recording


Equality and Diversity

As a sole practitioner I am committed to encouraging Equality and Diversity in the workplace through my engagement with clients, consultants, contractors and suppliers. And through compliance with the ‘EQUALITY ACT 2010’. 


RIBA Code of Practice for Chartered Practices

The Practice will operate within, and uphold the principals of, the COP.



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